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School Activity


Camprt is a camping activity that held every semester. Camprt is "Camping Pramuka Tiga". For the first grade, it held on 10-11 November 2017, in Natural Hill, Lembang. We went there by public transportation. It was a long road, but we had so much fun in the transportation. When we arrived, we went to each tends. One tend is for one group (each group amount 7 students). Girls and boys are separated. After put our stuffs in the tent, we did a scout ceremony. The next activities was scout actvites. Here are a few photos of it.
We also learn about how to read a map and how to use compass like a real scout. After that, we played some games from those activities that we already studied.
In the evening, went back to our tent. We were given time to cooked for dinner. We cooked with a small stove, called stove paralon in front of the tend. My group cooked "nasi uduk" with fried tempe and scrambbled tofu. It took a long time to finish it, but after it's done, we r…
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Short Story

The Lonely Princess

Once upon a time, lived a young princess named Isabella in the Kingdom of Glora. She was the friendliest girl in the entire kingdom. She was better than her elder sisters, Rose and Juliette, in every aspect. Rose was also the prettiest girl in the whole kingdom, but not as beautiful as Juliette. But, as pretty as both were, they were cruel and heartless. They teased Isabelle about her appearance and teased her about playing with toys all the time. They bullied her to improve her appearance. But Isabelle paid no heed to her sisters and continued playing with the toys. After all, the dolls never called her names. But deep down inside, Isabelle felt rather lonely. King Paul hated that his most favorite and youngest daughter was upset. He tried spending more time with her, but because of his duties, he stayed away for long periods. On a bright summer morning, King Paul was told that a Prince named Geoffrey from the Kingdom of Meadowhill was on his way to the Kingdom of…



     Hello! Today i want to tell you about flamingo.

     Flamingos are famous for their bright pink feathers, stilt-like legs, and S-shaped neck. They are very social birds; they live in colonies whose population can number in the thousands. They are from the genus Phoenicopterus and the Phoenicopteridae family. Six extanflamingo species are recognized by most sources. 
Phoenicopterus chilensis (Chilean flamingo)

Phoenicopterus roseus (Greater flamingo)

Phoenicopterus ruber (American flamingo)

Phoeniconaias minor (Lesser flamingo)

Phoenicoparrus andinus (Andean flamingo)

Phoenicoparrus jamesi (James's flamingo)

Me and my friend, Puspa, have uploaded a video about The Louvre Museum. Here's the link of the video.

Ask My Friend's Holiday Plan

Amanda's Plan in December

Ananda: "Morning, Manda!" Amanda: "Hello, morning too!" Ananda: "Have you finished your homework?" Amanda: "No, i haven't. There's so many homeworks. I really need a holiday." Ananda: "We will have a holiday in December." Amanda: "Oh, really? I didn't know that. That's very exciting! Do you have any plan for the holiday?" Ananda: "Yes, i do. I have a plan to meet my old friends from Junior High School." Amanda: "You must be miss them, right?" Ananda: "Yes, you're right. So, how about you? You don't have a plan yet, do you?" Amanda: "Hm, i may be just know it now, but, i think i already have something in my mind." Ananda: "What is it?" Amanda: "I think about celebrating Christmas with my big family. I think that's my plan for this holiday in December." Ananda: "Wow, that's really an exciting plan! Where will …

A Moment When I Felt Thankful

My Experience When I Was In Junior High School
     When i was 9th grade in 2 Junior High School, i joined a course near my school. I joined a course because i have to prepare for the national exam. The course started after school at 3.30pm and finished at 5.00pm. One day, i finished the course almost at 6pm because i had a homework that i didn't understand. So, i asked my course teacher for help.      I don't really remember what day it was, but i remembered in that day i still had another homeworks to finish. After the course, i immediately ordered a public transport, Gojek. I waited for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, and there's no driver that i got. Then, i decided to pray because it's already the time to pray. When i finished, i tried to order Gojek again. But, this time, i ordered it more then one because it was so hard to get a driver at that time.      Still, there was no driver. I tried another application, Grab, but still, i didn't get any driver. Time is clocki…

Introduction Dialogue

First Time I Met Mada
On the first day of school, at a bus stop, there's a girl who's waiting alone.
Amanda: "Excuse me, can i wait here with you?"
Ananda: "Yes sure." (while moving to the side)
Amanda: "Do you live near here?"
Ananda: "Yes i do. My house is actually on Jl Gatot Subroto."
Amanda: "Really? That's really close from here."
Ananda: "Yes it is. How about you? Where do you live?"
Amanda: "My house is on Jl Cipaganti."
Ananda: "That's not really far from here. By the way, we haven't introduce our selves."
Amanda: "Oh, yes. My name is Amanda."
Ananda: "Hi, Amanda! My name is Ananda. We have similiar names."
Amanda: "Can i call you Nanda instead? And you can call me Mada."
Ananda: "Yes sure. That's actually my nickname."
Amanda: "I feel like i often saw you at school. Is your school 3 Senior High School too?"
Ananda: "Yes it is! Which…