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A Moment When I Felt Thankful

My Experience When I Was In Junior High School
     When i was 9th grade in 2 Junior High School, i joined a course near my school. I joined a course because i have to prepare for the national exam. The course started after school at 3.30pm and finished at 5.00pm. One day, i finished the course almost at 6pm because i had a homework that i didn't understand. So, i asked my course teacher for help.      I don't really remember what day it was, but i remembered in that day i still had another homeworks to finish. After the course, i immediately ordered a public transport, Gojek. I waited for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, and there's no driver that i got. Then, i decided to pray because it's already the time to pray. When i finished, i tried to order Gojek again. But, this time, i ordered it more then one because it was so hard to get a driver at that time.      Still, there was no driver. I tried another application, Grab, but still, i didn't get any driver. Time is clocki…

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